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Jurnal Farmasi dan Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia (JFIKI) limits scientific articles to the scopes:

  1. Clinical Pharmacy
  2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  3. Pharmaceutics
  4. Community Pharmacy
  5. Pharmacognosy
  6. Phytochemistry

Link Journal: https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/JFIKI/index




Pharmacia is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary medical journal devoted to pharmaceutical and allied sciences. Topics covered are: analytics, biochemistry, biopharmaceutics, biotechnology, cell cultures, clinical pharmacy, drug delivery, drug design, drug disposition, drug stability, medicinal chemistry, metabolism, molecular modelling, basic and clinical pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, social pharmacy, radiopharmaceuticals, toxicology.

Link Journal: https://pharmacia.pensoft.net/issues

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The journal includes various fields of pharmaceuticals sciences such as: 
-Pharmacology and Toxicology 
-Community and Clinical Pharmacy
-Pharmaceutical Chemistry
-Pharmaceutical Biology
-Pharmaceutical Technology
-Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology
-Alternative medicines

Link Journal: https://indonesianjpharm.farmasi.ugm.ac.id/index.php/3/issue/archive


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The Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacognosy Research (JPPRes) is an international, specialized and peer-reviewed open access journal, under the auspices of AVAGAX – Diseño, Publicidad y Servicios Informáticos, which publishes studies in the pharmaceutical and herbal fields concerned with the physical, botanical, chemical,  biological, toxicological properties and clinical applications of molecular entities, active pharmaceutical ingredients, devices and delivery systems for drugs, vaccines and biologicals, including their design, manufacture, evaluation and marketing. This journal publishes research papers, reviews, commentaries and letters to the editor as well as special issues and review of pre-and post-graduate thesis from pharmacists or professionals involved in Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharmacognosy.

Link Journal: https://jppres.com/jppres/archive/

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Borneo Journal of Pharmacy (Borneo J Pharm, ISSN: 2621-4814 (online)) is an international scientific journal managed by the Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Health Science Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya and published four times a year (in February, May, August, and November) onward February 2020 by Institute for Researches and Community Services Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya. Borneo Journal of Pharmacy accepts scientific articles in the form of original research articles, short communication, reviews, and mini-reviews from anyone without any discrimination, as long as they submit articles that meet scientific principles. As a distinctive feature, the Borneo Journal of Pharmacy prioritizes research articles conducted on the island of Borneo 

Link Journal: http://journal.umpalangkaraya.ac.id/index.php/bjop/issue/archive





Jurnal Farmasi Klinik Indonesia/Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pharmacy (Indones J Clin Pharm, IJCP) (ISSN=2252-6218, e-ISSN=2337-5701) is a scientific publication on all aspect of clinical pharmacy. It is published 4 times a year by Universitas Padjadjaran to provide a forum for clinicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to share best practice, encouraging networking and a more collaborative approach in patient care.

Link Journal: https://jurnal.unpad.ac.id/ijcp/issue/archive 





Jurnal Farmasi Sains dan Komunitas (Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Community / J Pharm Sci Community) firstly published in 2003, is a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal that publishes research articles, review articles, as well as short communication in various pharmaceutical fields, including Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Biology, Community Pharmacy, and Clinical Pharmacy.

Link Journal: https://e-journal.usd.ac.id/index.php/JFSK/issue/archive





Pharmaciana is a scientific journal published by the University of Ahmad Dahlan worked closely with Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia (IAI). Pharmaciana published three times a year, namely March, July and November. with ISSN 2088-4559 and e-ISSN 2477-0256. The article published in the Journal Pharmaciana selected by editors and reviewed by the reviewer. Articles published in Pharmaciana must not be published in other journals or have been previously published.

Link Journal: http://journal.uad.ac.id/index.php/PHARMACIANA/issue/archive





Thank you for visiting Strada Journal of Pharmacy ISSN: 2776-3544 The journal had been established in 2019, and online publication was begun in 2019. Since 2019, the journal has been published in English by Pharmacy Study Program Institut Ilmu Kesehatan STRADA Indonesia and only receives manuscripts in English.

Link Journal: http://thesjp.org/index.php/SJP

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